Kelsey Dirnberger- Annotation

Schlender, Brent. "BILL GATES: LIFE AFTER MICROSOFT. (cover story)." Fortune 162.1 (2010): 94.Business Source Premier. EBSCO. Web. 9 Nov. 2010.
Summary: This article focuses on Bill Gates leaving an active role with Microsoft in July 2008 to focus more on his family and foundation. This is not to say that he is retiring though he still owns a huge portion of Microsoft and is there non executive chairman, so he remains involved with the company. other than that he has been focusing on the gates foundation as well as invention sessions with friends to come up with new ideas. But at the root of it all he is spending more time with his three kids.
Evaluation:This article has little bias it simply states what Gates is going to do with his life right now and where he is putting his focus. It has some Ethos in the way it paints Gates as a new family man with more time to spend with his kids and to contributing to his foundation. It also has pathos in the data it uses from Microsoft about what Gates still does with the company and the amount of income he still collects from them.
Application: This article can be uses on our site to show what Gates is doing now and what he is doing to contribute to Microsoft and The Gates Foundation currently. It also is a good example of his compassion for the foundation and his family.

Long Arc Behind Bill Gates' Wealth
Greenstein, Shane. "The Long Arc Behind Bill Gates' Wealth." IEEE Micro Jan. 2008: 4+. Academic Search Premier. EBSCO. Web. 8 Nov. 2010.
Summary: Article discusses how Bill gates through trial and error have risen to the top to develop the country he has now. It also shows how well his company has taken off through technology and innovation. It also talks about the things that Gates does that has affected either for the good or the bad in his career.
Evaluation: This article has some bias with the authors own views but other than that it is relatively simple in stating facts and letting the reader know about Bill gates and his successful Corporation.
Application: This article will be used in our site to show how Bill Gates once a small entrepreneur has risen to the top and gained success through much trial and error.

Nathan Kinneberg - Annotation

Okie, S. (2006). Global health – the Gates-Buffet effect. New England Journal of Medicine, 355:1084-1088.
Summary: This article lists the some of the impacts of the Gates foundation upon the medical field, especially in areas that relate to poor or third world countries. Dr. Okie specifically highlights key areas of the Gates Foundation’s work including the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI), which “has almost $3.5 billion in commitments” and is helping to eliminate HIV/AIDS as well as other STDs, malaria, and tuberculosis across the world. Okie also states that “Bill Gates has attained heroic status by committing much of his enormous fortune to the advancement of global equality.”
Evaluation: This article paints the Gates and its foundation in a positive light and a reader can directly see this bias from the tone and language used even in the beginning – Okie presents the world as a “world with many celebrities and few heroes” and by also telling a story about the Gates at a stadium pledging to end HIV/AIDS. In addition, this article is being marketed under the “Perspective” section of the journal, so a reader would most likely anticipate some sort of bias.
Application: Since the overall dominant impression of the hypermedia profile is positive towards Gates, this article will add to the impression. The positive achievements and goals that Okie lists are great points to highlight in the profile and tie in with Gate’s overall character.

Daniel Lual - Annotation

Business @ the Speed of Thought
Gates, B.. Business Strategy Review, Summer 1999, Vol. 10 Issue: Number 2 p11-18, 8p; (AN 4662067)

Summary: This article discusses how digital or Microsoft has changed the world in every things we do today, how it makes the work easier, how it stores information, makes information available, how it creates employment in U.S and world wide. Also talked about the fear some companies have about new companies that have used the technology and were growing at faster rates compare to companies not using it. It further talked about creating affordable devices and how it upgrades how business decisions are made.
Evaluation: This article points out why doing things electronically is important to employers and employees. It also talked about creating jobs and promoting U.S and world economy. It only promotes the Microsoft, and thus it is bias.
Application: The success of the Microsoft brought about the popularity and wealth of Gates. It is still growing at a rapid rate worldwide and that it would improve the world’s economy by raising and improving the quality of production.