-Read Chapter 7, 215-238, Chapter 20 558-565
-Each member write:
i. What is profile writing? What does it involve?
a. reference aspects from the first three profiles in your reading (Buhle and photo essay on page 226), as well as the visual design section
b. be sure to discuss Dominant Impression
(same word count as blog)

-Look through group contracts in old wikis

Profile Writing Response - Ethan Hvezda

Profile writing: is analyzing, understanding, and describing people & places, writing beyond preconceptions, going in depth with backgrounds lifestyles and experiences. It is meant to capture your subject in a particular moment in time and to take your readers into your subjects world. This is done to make a point to the reader why they should read about this specific person or why this is something that should be known. A Dominant impression is then the way your profile portrays your person/persons to your reader. This would include important, unusual things you have discovered about them, your own feelings toward them, what others feelings are toward them, and how much people differ in their feelings.
(Ex.Buhl)- Profiles Alewitz. Talks about his life and his career as a muralist. It also explains his murals, explains how his style emerged, gave a brief biography, and it focused on one mural to make a point. These to me would be the dominant empressions that Buhl wants the reader to know (obviously or he wouldnt of talked about them).
The old wiki's are a real good help in depicting what this assignment is about and how to profile the people we have chose and also how to pick a good dominant empression from a bad one. After reading through the group contracts I have come to terms with the basic outline and purpose of these. I realized that they are to make sure all group members are in sync and working together as a "GROUP" not one person carrying and doing the load of the work for others to reap the benefits from. The contracts reflect the seriousness of the previous statement.
-Ethan Hvezda

Profile Writing Response - Nathan Kinneberg

Profile writing is similar to how we feel we must communicate every day. As humans, we love and can even feel a need to describe certain events, locations, or people that we encounter. Profile writing is a medium by which we can describe certain people we find of interest. There are a number of different ways that we can go about describing a person but the way we chose lends to the overall dominant impression – the overall “feeling” that the reader gets about the “profilee.” Take for example the profile of Mike Alewitz by Paul Buhle. This profile creates a dominant impression by taking the reader through the different parts of Alewitz’s life through his location and the job he did there. This creates an impression that Alewitz has done serious work throughout the country and the world and lends to the overall feeling of his widespread influence. The profile of Ela Bhatt by Somini Sengupta creates a dominant impression that causes the reader to believe Ela is a caring, hardworking individual who has fought with hardships to bring greater good.
Words aren’t necessarily the only item that can create a dominant impression, as seen in the photo essays. It’s an old clichéd saying, but it still holds true – “a picture is worth a thousand words.” This is especially true when trying to create a dominant impression – visual design has a significant influence in creating the impression. The photos of the run down houses and the isolated cemetery create a mood of uneasiness, disturbance, and sadness that in the end creates the dominant impression. Similarly, color choice, media choice, etc. all lead to the dominant impression.
Looking through previous years' wikispaces, I have realized the sheer amount of effort that should be put into this project. As noted by Mr. Lindgren, the groups that I thought put quite a bit of work into the planning stages had final results that were impressive. I also (like Ethan) noticed how the groups emphasized working together.
-Nathan Kinneberg

Profile Writing Respose- Kelsey Dirnberger

Profile writing is talking about people and places in a way that is similar to conversation but that goes beyond preconceived notions. They can cover a variety of topics and from famous to normal people. Profiles often involve the use interviews and observations but also rely on research to convey their why you should read it and why it is important. It also utilizes a dominant impression or one thing that really sticks out to the reader. It is commonly the most interesting or important thing about your topic.
One example of this is the profile of Mike Alewitz by Paul Buhle. This example explains Alewitz’s different murals, his life and his career. It reads similar to a conversation and not like a research paper but it still has elements that were researched I’m sure. I feel like the Dominant impression of the piece is the thing that sticks out the most to me and that is the how he came from kent state at a time of turmoil and started painting billboards on railroad signs. He was then asked to paint a sign for a committee of strikers. What strikes me as being dominant about this is that it all leads to what he does for the rest of his life.
Another example is in the photo essays, those more short and to the point. They have less time to convey a point, cause of much less room for text on a visual. The dominant impression is probably on of the only things written if not the only. It could also be conveyed a lot through the picture. For example on the poster with the man with the black eye you wonder why does this man in a business suit have a black eye and you read on to find out. So your impression is dominated by that visual.