Group Contract for Bill Gates

As a group we will do our best to each work on the project together and complete our given assignments on time. We will all abide by these guidelines to make that happen

I. If you are going to not be able to attend a meeting for any reason, you need to let someone in the group know about your absence 6 hours before the meeting. You should try to work on what you missed and possibly submit your part via e-mail and find out what else you need to do to catch up. We will try to plan meetings at a time that works best for all members of the group.
II. If a member loses contact with the group, for more than a week. We will contact Chris and get his involovement and consider removing that person from the group. If the person makes up work and makes an appeal to the group the person may come back into the group if they want to.
III. In the event members of the group disagree about what should be done for the project we will go with a majority vote, and possibly contact the instructor for his opinion on what the best option is.
IV. If a member of the group fails to complete their work on time, they need to finish it as soon as possible and get it turned into the group (unless of course there is a good excuse, good excuse = sickness/death) Group members will also complete all parts to the best of their abilities so we can attain the best grade possible on the project. As well as completeing them all on time.

We all agree to this statement and will follow all guidlines that have been set forth:

-Kelsey Dirnberger
- Daniel Lual
-Nathan Kinneberg
-Ethan Hvezda

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